Camp Resources XXIV’s a Wrap!

Another successful Camp Resources hosted by CEnREP!

Camp XXIV’s a wrap!  Wind and rain did not deter attendance at the 24th annual Camp Resources!  The workshop was hosted by CEnREP’s Director and Associate Director, Laura Taylor and Roger von Haefen, along with CEnREP’s founding director, Kerry Smith.  The workshop was attended by fifty-nine students, faculty, and professional economists.  The 1.5 day workshop is made possible through the generous funding for student travel support by Elsevier.  Resources for the Future and Industrial Economics were also generous supporters of this year’s Camp. Attendees came from as far away as University of the West Indies and University of Munster (Germany) to as close by as UNC-Wilmington.  The workshop which included fifteen full length presentations, ten research sketches, and a luncheon talk on Monday given by Spencer Banzhaf, Professor of Economics at Georgia State University.

Camp Resources XXIV Attendees

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