Camp Resources

Camp Resources XXIII

Fifty-nine participants enjoyed 28 presentations at Camp Resources XXIII

Camp Resources XXIII

Below you will find links to the session presentations.
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Session 1: Household Behavior

Session 2: Energy

Session 3: Resources

Session 4: Firm Behavior

Session 5: Water & Air

Session 6: Valuation & Health

Research Sketches


Camp Resources also included Featured Panel Presentations in 2016:

Our National Parks at 100

Margaret Walls,
Resources for the Future


“Environmental Economics in U.S. Policymaking”

Ken Gillingham,
 Yale University & Billy Pizer, Duke University

“Revealed Preference Estimates of the Natural Resource Damages from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill”

Adam Domanski, 
NOAA, Roger von Haefan, NCSU, and Frank Lupi, Michigan State University




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