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CEnREP affiliate faculty are active in their research and publish in many peer-reviewed journals. View a sample of recently published journal articles, organized alphabetically by last name of affiliate.


The economic costs of planting, preserving, and managing the world’s forests for climate change mitigation. Austin, K., J.S. Baker, B.L. Sohngen, C. Wade, S. Ragnauth, S. Ohrel. 2020. Nature Communications, 11(1):1-9.


A hydro-economic methodology for the food-energy-water nexus: Valuation and optimization of water resources. Baker, J. S., Van Houtven, G., Cai, Y., Moreda, F. 2021. RTI Press Publication No. MR-00442105. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press 


How will renewable energy development goals affect energy poverty in Guatemala? Candise L. Henry, Justin S. Baker, Brooke K. Shaw, Andrew J. Kondash, Benjamín Leiva, Edwin Castellanos, Christopher M. Wade, Benjamin Lord, George Van Houtven, Jennifer Hoponick Redmon. 2021. Energy Economics, 104:105665.


National Sea Grant’s 10-year diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) vision, version 2. Behl, M. J.L. Harrison. 2021. “National Sea Grant’s 10-year diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) vision, version 2.” The National Sea Grant College Program.


Species composition, diversity, and carbon stock in trees outside forests in middle hills of Nepal. Bhandari, S.K., T. Maraseni, Y.P. Timilsina, R. Parajuli. 2021. Forest Policy and Economics, 125:102402.


Cropland abandonment in the community forestry landscape in the middle hills of Nepal. Bista, R., Q. Zhang, R. Parajuli, R. Karki, B.B. Khanal, C. Song. 2021. Earth Interactions.


Spatially variable taxation and resource extraction: The impact of state oil taxes on drilling in the US. Brown, J.P., P. Maniloff, D.T. Manning. 2020. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 103:102354.


Landscape-level feedbacks in the demand for transgenic pesticidal corn in the Philippines. Brown, Z.S., Connor, L., Rejesus, R.M., & Yorobe Jr, J.M. 2021. Ecological Economics, 180.


Crop rotation mitigates impacts of corn rootworm resistance to transgenic Bt corn. Carrière, Y., Z. Brown, S. Aglasan, et al. 2020. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(31):18385-18392.


Measuring the value of public hunting land using a hedonic approach. Casola, W.R, M.N. Peterson, Y. Wu, E. Sills, B.S. Pease, K. Pacifici. In press. Human Dimensions of Wildlife.


The color of water: The contributions of green and blue water to agricultural productivity in the Western Brazilian Amazon. Caviglia-Harris, J., T. Biggs, E. Ferreira, D. Harris, K. Mullan, E. Sills. 2021. World Development, 146:105607.


A discounted cash flow and capital budgeting analysis of silvopastoral systems in the Amazonas region of Peru. Chizmar, S., M. Castillo, D. Pizarro, H. Vasquez, W. Bernal, R. Rivera, E. Sills, R. Abt, R. Parajuli, F. Cubbage. 2020. Land9:353.


State cost-share programs for forest landowners in the Southern United States: A review. Chizmar, S., R. Parajuli, R.E. Bardon, F. Cubbage. 2021. Journal of Forestry, 119(2): 177-195.


A glimpse into real-world kitchens: Improving our understanding of cookstove usage through in-field photo-observations and improved cooking event detection (CookED) analytics. Coffey, E.R., E.C. Mesenbring, D. Agao,…  Z. Brown, et al. 2021. Development Engineering, 100065.


Leveraging open source tools to build distributed and collaborative macro-energy modeling teams. DeCarolis, J., P. Jaramillo, J. Johnson, D. McCollum, E. Trutnevyte, D. Daniels, …, C.S. Galik, et al. 2020. Joule, 4:2523-2526.


The importance of data structure and non-linearities in estimating climate impacts on outdoor recreation. Dundas, S.J., and R.H. von Haefen. In press. Natural Hazards.


Integrated hierarchical models to inform management of transitional habitat and the recovery of a habitat specialist. Eaton, M.J., Breininger, D.R., Nichols, J.D., Fackler, P.L., S. McGee, M. Smurl, D. DeMeyer, J. Baker & M.B. Zondervan. 2021. Ecosphere, 12:1.


The economics of groundwater governance institutions across the globe. Edwards, E.C. and Guilfoos, T., In Press. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.


North Carolina’s Wild Caught Fishing Industry Economic Impact Assessment. Edwards, E., Sutherland, S., Dumas, C., Hutchens, A., Oshagbemi, Y. 2021. N.C. Sea Grant.


Biology, behavior and policy, or, Dr. Fauci, Sen. Paul and Prof. Lucas walk into a pandemic. Ercumen A, Guiteras R, Spears D. EClinicalMedicine. 2021 Jan 7;31:100719. doi: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2020.100719.


Costs of increasing oil and gas setbacks are initially modest but rise sharply. Ericson, S.J., D.T. Kaffine, P. Maniloff. 2020. Energy Policy 146:111749.


Tools for quickly adapting during pandemics, disasters, and other unique events. Fawcett, J., R. Parajuli, R. Bardon, L. Boby, L. Kays, R. Strnad. 2020. Journal of Extension, 58(2):Article 5.


Emissions, transmission, and the environmental value of renewable energy. Fell, H., D.T. Kaffine, K. Novan. 2021. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 13(2): 241-272.


Regional disparities in emissions reduction and net trade from renewables. Fell, H., J. Johnson. 2021. Nature Sustainability, 4:358-365.


Opportunities and barriers to forest biomass energy: A case study of four U.S. states. Galik, C.S., M.E. Benedum, M. Kauffman, D.R. Becker. 2020. Biomass and Bioenergy.


Revisiting institutional stability: A systematic review and distillation of dominant modes. Galik, C.S., L. Chelbi. 2021. Environmental Policy and Governance.”


U.S. state-commissioned energy storage studies: A case study of research and practice in a rapidly evolving field. Galik, C.S., R. Widiss, B. Lowe. 2021. Journal of Energy Storage


The economics of North Carolina’s top commercial & recreational fisheries: A literature review. Harrison, J.L., J. Torres, A. Teegarden, T. Moore. 2020. Report submitted to the North Carolina Marine and Estuary Foundation. 


Consumer demand for North Carolina Seafood: The choice experiment analysis. Harrison, J.L., J. Whitehead, B. Nash. 2021. North Carolina Sea Grant UNC-SG-21-02B.


Biological and market responses of pine forests in the U.S. Southeast to carbon fertilization. Henderson, J., R. Parajuli, and B. Abt. 2020. Ecological Economics, 169: 106491.


The implications of learning on bidding behavior in a repeated first price conservation auction with targeting. James, N., L. Lundberg, E. Sills. 2021. Strategic Behavior and the Environment.


Global hunger and climate change adaptation through international trade. Janssens, C., P. Havlik, T. Krisztin, J.S. Baker, S. Frank, T. Hasegawa, S. Ohrel, S. Ragnauth, H. Valin, M. Maertens, N. Von Lipzig. 2020. Nature Climate Change, 10: 829-835.


Spatial and cross-product price linkages in the Brazilian timber markets. Kaneiski, B., S. Schons, F. Cubbage, R. Parajuli. 2020. Forest Policy and Economics, 117:102186. 


Food, energy and water nexus challenges in Guatemala: A systematic literature review. Kondash, A.J., I. Herrera, E. Castellanos, J.S. Baker, B. Leiva, G. Van Houtven, G. Fuentes, G. Alfaro, C.M. Wade, J. Hoponick-Redmon. 2021. Environmental Science and Policy, 124.


Updating allowance allocations in cap-and-trade: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program. Lange, I., P. Maniloff. 2021. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 105:102380.


A practice-oriented approach to foster private landowner participation in ecosystem service conservation and restoration at a landscape scale. Mason, S.A., L.P. Olander, R.K. Grala, C.S. Galik, J.S. Gordon. 2020. Ecosystem Services, 46:101203.


Asymmetric cost pass-through in multi-unit procurement auctions: An experimental approach. Meyers, E., H. Fell, A.J. Bostian. 2021. Journal of Industrial Economics, 69(1):109-130.


Valuing water quality with adaptation: Evidence from a natural experiment in Jordan. Morgan, S., J.S. Baker, J. Orgill-Meyer, M. Jeuland. 2021. Water Economics and Policy, 7(1):1-40. 


Sustainability of agricultural production following deforestation in the tropics: Evidence on the value of newly-deforested, long-deforested and forested land in the Brazilian Amazon. Mullan, K., J. Caviglia-Harris, E. Sills. In press. Land Use Policy.


Consumer demand for North Carolina seafood. Nash, B., J.L. Harrison, J. Whitehead. 2021. North Carolina Sea Grant UNC-SG-21-02.


Category count models for adaptive management of metapopulations: Case study of an imperiled salamander. O’Donnell, K.M., P.L. Fackler, F.A. Johnson, M.N. Bonneau, J. Martin, S.C. Walls. 2020. Conservation Science and Practice.


Wood pellets versus pulp and paper: Quantifying the impacts of wood pellets on the pulpwood markets in the southeastern United States. Parajuli, R. 2021. Journal of Cleaner Production, 317:128384.


Educating landowners on forest based alternative income streams in North Carolina: Program evaluation and lessons learned. Parajuli, R., S. Chizmar, M. Megalos, R. Bardon. 2020. Journal of Forestry, 118(6):551-554.


Air pollution and trade: The case of China. Qin, J., I. Kandilov R.H. von Haefen. In press. Frontiers of Economics in China.


Assessing the evidence on the roles of forests and tree-based systems in poverty dynamics. Razafindratsima, O., J.F.M. Kamoto, E. Sills, D. Mutta, C. Song, G. Kabwe, S. Castle, P. Kristjanson, C. Ryan, M. Brockhaus, T. Sunderland.  In Press. Forest Policy and Economics.


The economics of indigenous water claim settlements in the American West. Sanchez, L., E.C. Edwards, B. Leonard. 2020. Environmental Research Letters, 15(9):094027.


Evaluating the impact of REDD+ interventions on household forest revenue in Peru. Solis, D., P. Cronkleton, E. Sills, D. Rodriguez-Ward, A. Duchelle. 2021. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, March.


San Francisco should pay Yosemite the dam rent. Sutherland, S. 2020. Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC) Policy Briefing, Fall.


The Dam rent is too low. Sutherland, S. 2020. Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC) Reports, 39(2).


The impact of property rights to fish on remote communities in Alaska. Sutherland, S.A. E.C. Edwards. In press. Land Economics.


Economic valuation of submerged aquatic vegetation in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary. Sutherland, S., R.H. von Haefen, D.B. Eggleston J. Cao. 2021. Report submitted to the Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership, Raleigh, NC, June.


Do forests provide watershed services for farmers in the humid tropics? Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon. Wu, Y., K. Mullan, T. Biggs, J. Caviglia-Harris, D. Harris, E. Sills. 2021. Ecological Economics, 183:106965.


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