Camp resources 2008

Camp Resources XV

Camp Resources XV [schedule] was held on August 7 and 8
at the Wilmington Riverside Hilton in Wilmington, NC.

Camp Resources 2008 included 20 research presentations by graduate students and young professionals from around the country, two invited lectures by leading scholars in environmental and resource economics, and a tutorial on frontier methods in empirical economics.

Below you will find links to the presentations and papers (when available) for each of the sessions and invited lectures.

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Victor Aguirregabiria, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Toronto
“Recent Methods and Applications of Dynamic Structural Models, with Examples in Environmental Economics” [presentation, papers and computer code]

Maureen Cropper, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
“Health and the Environment: What Policy Makers Need to Know” [presentation]

V. Kerry Smith, W. P. Carey Professor of Economics, Arizona State University
“Reflections on the Literature: Unhappy about Happiness” [presentation]

Camp Resources 2008 Research Presentations

Session 1: Water Resource Management

“Trading Water for Carbon? Groundwater Management in the Presence
Of GHG Mitigation Incentives for Agriculture” [presentation] RECLAIM_CampRes_080807
Justin Baker, Texas A & M University

“Cleaner on Smarter? Compliance with Federal Drinking Water Regulations” [presentation]
Katrina K. Jessoe, Yale University, Lori S. Bennear, Duke University, Sheila Olmstead, Yale University

“Valuation of Avoiding Arsenic in Drinking Water in Rural Bangladesh: An Averting Behavior Analysis” [presentation]
Sonia Aziz and Kevin J. Boyle, Virginia Tech

Session 2: Pollution Abatement Policy and Firm Incentives

“When Does Cap-and-Trade Increase the Profits of Regulated Firms?” [presentation]
David Evans, U.S. E.P.A. National Center for Environmental Economics, Ian Lange, University of Stirling, Joshua Linn, University of Illinois-Chicago

“Evaluating Emissions Trading Using a Nearest (Polluting) Neighbor Estimator” [presentation]
Meredith Fowlie, University of Michigan, Stephen Holland, UNC Greensboro, Erin T. Mansur, Yale University

“Financial Distress and Incentives for Pollution Abatement, Care, and Regulatory Compliance” [presentation]
Scott M. Gilpatric, University of Tennessee, Mary Evans, University of Tennessee

Session 3: Land Conservation

“Cost-Saving Procurement Auctions for Environmental Services” [presentation]
Daniel Hellerstein, Economic Research Service, USDA, Nathaniel Higgins, University of Maryland
Michael Roberts, NC State University

“The Land Market Feedback Effects of Conservation Purchases” [presentation]
Megan Lawson, University of Colorado at Boulder

“Does Designated Preservation Area Crowd Out Preservation Effort of Existing Agricultural Preservation Programs?” [presentation]
Xiangping Liu, NC State University

Session 4: Topics in Benefits Estimation and Land Conservation

“Estimating the Determinants and Effects of Participation in the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program.” [presentation]
Jacob Brimlow, NC State University, Paul L. Fackler, NC State University, Evan Mercer, Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service.

“Mobility and Environmental Equity: What are the Ozone and Particle Pollution Exposure Consequences of Bay Area Housing?” [paper, presentation]
Brooks Depro, NC State University and RTI International, Christopher Timmins, Duke University

“Simple, Consistent Estimation of the Marginal Willingness to Pay Function: Recovering Rosen’s Second Stage without Instrumental Variables” [presentation]
Kelly C. Bishop, Olin Business School, Washington University in Saint Louis, Christopher Timmins, Duke University

Session 5: Recreation Demand and Coastal Resource Management

“Valuing Short Term Beach Closures on the Gulf Coast of Texas” [presentation]
George Parsons, University of Delaware, Stela Stefanova, University of Delaware

“Optimal Beach Nourishment with Strategic Interaction between Adjacent Communities” [presentation]
Sathya Gopalakrishmnan, Duke University, Martin Smith, Duke University

“A Utility Consistent Joint Estimation of Count Data and Dichotomous Choice Models” [presentation]
Juan Marcos Gonzalez, Colorado State University

Session 6: Topics in Climate Change Mitigation & Impacts, and Utilities Emission Control

“Environmental Federalism and Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from Electric Plants” [presentation]
Benjamin Chupp, Georgia State University

Participation in the Canadian Voluntary Climate Challenge Program” [presentation]
Keith R. Broule, Grinnell College, Donna Ramirez Harrington, University of Vermont

“Tropical Cyclones, Carribbean Economics and Rethinking the Costs of Climate Change” [presentation]
Solomon Hsiang, Columbia University

Session 7: The Environment and Health

“A Review and Meta-Analysis of Lung Cancer Utiltities” [presentation]
Julie Migrin, ASPH Environmental Health Fellow, U.S. E.P.A. National Center for Environmental Economics

“Estimating the Effect of School Indoor Air Quality on Academic Outcomes: A Quantile Panel Regression Approach” [presentation]
Tess Stafford, University of Texas