Applications open for two Ph.D. research assistantships in forest carbon management

Two Ph.D. graduate research assistantships are available starting as soon as August 16, 2020, to work on an interdisciplinary forest carbon management project that will focus on optimization of forest carbon storage and sequestration and economic implications of different carbon management strategies. Each successful PhD must have very strong quantitative and analytical skills, strong independent work ethic, excellent communication skills, and demonstrated success in group collaboration. The two Ph.D. RA’s will be part of a larger team that includes Dr. Tom Gower, Jordan Family Distinguished Professor for Natural Resource Innovation and Department Head of Forestry and Environmental Resources; Dr. Bob Abt, Carl Alwin Schenck Professor of Forestry in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and CEnREP faculty affiliate; one to two research undergraduates; and a programmer. One graduate student will focus more on forest carbon modeling of contrasting forest ecosystems and the second graduate student will focus on economic implications of strategies to maximize carbon storage and sequestration.

The initial focus of the project will be the southeastern U.S., which provides an excellent opportunity to examine the implications of economic, forest management, land use trade-offs, and their interactions, implicit in alternative carbon futures. We anticipate to do a case study that compares a dominant forest ecosystem in contrasting regions in the US (e.g. northern hardwoods in Upper Great Lakes, Douglas fir in the Pacific Northwest, and boreal forests in Canada). The two Ph.D. students must work closely together throughout the project and collaborate on peer-reviewed journal articles. Funding is available for four years for each Ph.D. student, pending satisfactory annual progress. The annual stipend will be approximately $32,000/year plus excellent benefits.

To apply, send the following three items: CV, brief one page cover letter describing why you are interested in the position, and contact information for three potential references to Dr. Tom Gower. Please use the subject line “Jordan Distinguished Professor Ph.D. Research Assistantships.”