Economics of Climate Change Seminar

Harrison Fell on panel to discuss the economic costs and benefits of climate change.

CEnREP affiliate faculty Harrison Fell will participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Southeast Science Climate Center along with three other panelists as part of its Global Change Seminar series. Details about the seminar are below.

The Economics of Climate Change: Costs and Benefits
Thursday, February 22, 3:30 – 4:30pm
David Clark Labs, Room 101
NC State University

Join us in a conversation about the economic impacts of climate change from faculty and practitioners. We will explore the effects of climate change and the ability of the country to mitigate and adapt to the negative consequences of climate change. Is adaptation a more economically viable option than mitigation? What are the barriers to massive penetration of renewable energies? Will our economy benefit from the shifts to cleaner technologies or suffer from it? What are the least expensive solutions for climate change mitigation? How will the mitigation efforts differ among developed and developing countries? What are some short- and long-term economic impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation? We invite you to listen, discuss, and explore these questions with our expert panel. Please come with any questions or points of discussion.


Dr. Joseph DeCarolis (NC State Dept of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering)

Dr. Harrison Fell (NC State Dept of Agricultural and Resource Economics)

Dr. Jeremiah Johnson (NC State Dept of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering)

Mr. Jeff Thomas (NC Public Staff)

The seminar will be held on Thursday 22 February 3:30-4:30pm in David Clark Labs, Room 101.