CEnREP Welcomes New Faculty Affiliates

CEnREP welcomes new faculty affiliates!

The interdisciplinary research of CEnREP has expanded with the addition of new faculty members that are joining NC State this fall as part of the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program (CFEP).


Harrison FellHarrison Fell is joining NC State in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and as a core faculty affiliate of CEnREP.  Harrison was hired this fall as part of the Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy (SESP) initiative.  His research is focused on environmental, energy, and natural resources economics, with an emphasis on policy-relevant work. Relating to energy systems, his recent work focuses on renewable energy, emissions trading systems, and electricity regulation.


GalikChristopher Galik, an NC State alumni, will join the School of Public and International Affairs and is public policy analyst with strengths in experimental economic policy focusing on climate and low- carbon energy policy. He is also joining the faculty at NC State as part of the Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy (SESP) initiative, after five years at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions as a senior policy associate.



GuiterasRaymond Guiteras, the first hire in the Global WaSH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) initiative, will also join NC State this summer as a core faculty affiliate of CEnREP and faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Resource and Economics.  He has studied the benefits of sanitation programs in India, the impacts of climate change-induced changes in flood patterns in Bangladesh, and the willingness to pay for clean water in northern Ghana.



zack_brownIn addition to the three new faculty above, CEnREP core affiliate Zack Brown joined NC State in 2014 as part of the Genetic Engineering and Society Program.  Zack’s research explores how human behavior interacts with complex environmental and ecological systems, using experimental methods and theory.



Interdisciplinary scholarship is central to CEnREP’s mission, and it shows through our participation in the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program.  Three-quarters of CEnREP’s affiliated faculty have either led, or been part of, interdisciplinary hiring teams or were hired through these interdisciplinary initiatives!