Our Amazing Alumni

Our alumni continue to “Think and Do,” even after they graduate from NC State University. Here are some of their recent accomplishments.

  • Steve Dundas was just promoted to associate professor with tenure in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Oregon State University.
  • Lee Parton at Boise State University just published his job market paper in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.
  • working paper by Nick Kuminoff, now a tenured faculty member at Arizona State University, finds a causal link between air pollution and dementia.
  • Mary Evans, a former CEnREP post-doc, just moved to the University of Texas where she will be a full professor with tenure in the LBJ School of Public Affairs.
  • Sasha Naumenko just completed her first year at James Madison University as a tenure-track assistant professor in the Economics Department.
  • Allen Klaiber was recently promoted to full professor at Ohio State University’s Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics.