UPDATE 3/13/20: Due to the spread of COVID-19, the remaining TREE seminars for the Spring 2020 semester have been cancelled.

Triangle Resources and Environmental Economics Seminar Series (TREE)

CEnREP partners with RTI International and Duke University to present the TREE Seminar Series.  All seminars take place on Thursday from 3:00 – 4:15 pm in Building 09/Conference Room 137 at RTI International’s Campus, unless otherwise noted below.  As papers become available, they are posted in the calendar schedule below.

Spring 2020 Schedule:

  • February 27, Fiona Burlig, University of Chicago, “Out-of-Merit Costs and Blackouts: Evidence from the Indian Wholesale Electricity Market”
  • March 5, Ariel Ortiz Bobea, Cornell University, “The Impact of Recent Anthropogenic Climate Change on Global Agricultural Production”
  • March 19, Kenneth Gillingham, Yale University
  • April 16, David Anthoff, University of California-Berkeley
  • April 30, Corbett Grainger, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Past Seminars

Fall 2019 Schedule:

Spring 2019 Schedule:

  • January 24, Vic Adamowicz, University of Alberta, “Contracting for Ecological Infrastructure in the Panama Canal Watershed: Ex Ante Assessment of Benefits, Costs, and Capital Market Failures”
  • February 7, Nick Muller, Carnegie Mellon University, “Long-Run Environmental Accounting in the U.S. Economy”
  • March 7, Andrew Plantinga, University of California-Santa Barbara, “Can Property Rights Alleviate the Problem of the Commons? Evidence from California Groundwater Permits”
  • April 4, Peter Christensen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Housing Discrimination and the Pollution Exposure Gap in the United States”
  • April 11, Namrata Kala, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “The Green Revolution and Infant Mortality in India”
  • April 18, Tom Rutherford, University of Wisconsin, “Carbon leakage under prospective state-level climate actions: Simulations from the Wisconsin National Data Consortium”
  • May 2, Sheila Olmstead, University of Texas-Austin, “The Value of Water Quality: Separating Amenity and Recreational Benefits”

Fall 2018 Schedule:

  • September 6, Molly Lipscomb, University of Virginia, “Pricing People into the Market:Targeting through Mechanism Design”
  • October 11, Erin Mansur, Dartmouth College, “The Remarkable Decline in Air Pollution from the US Electricity Sector over 2010-2017”
  • November 1, Eric Edwards, NC State University, “Bureaucracy, Delay and Pollution: A Natural Experiment in Oil and Gas Production”, Location: Cox Multipurpose Room, RTI
  • November 15, Bentley Coffey, University of South Carolina, “The Costs of Mitigating Climate Change when Growth is the Result of Endogenous Technological Change”
  • December 6, David Keiser, Iowa State University

Spring 2018 Schedule:

Fall 2017 Schedule:

Spring 2017 Schedule:

Fall 2016 Schedule:

Spring 2016 Schedule:

  • February 4, 2016, Sol Hsiang, University of California, Berkeley
  • February 29, 2016, David Popp, Syracuse University, “Environmental Regulation and Green Skills: An Empirical Exploration
  • March 31, 2016, Tatyana Deryugina, University of Illinois, “The Effect of Pollution on Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction”
  • April 7, 2016, Kailin Kroetz, Resources for the Future, “Dynamic Efficiency Costs of Non-efficiency Objectives in Tradable Permit Programs”
  • April 21, 2016, Mary Evans, Claremont-McKenna University, “Enforcement Spillovers: Lessons from Strategic Interactions in Regulation and Product Markets”

Fall 2015 Schedule:

  • September 3, 2015, Joe Aldy, Harvard University, “Capital versus Output Subsidies: Implications of Alternative Incentives for Wind Investment”
  • September 24, 2015, Toan Phan, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Temperatures and Growth: A Panel Analysis of the U.S.”
  • October 8, 2015, Ted Miguel, University of California, Berkeley, “Experimental Evidence on the Costs of and Demand for Electricity in Kenya”
  • October 29, 2015, Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan “Understanding the Decline in the Price of Oil since June 2014”
  • November 5, 2015, Grant Miller, Stanford University
  • November 12, 2015, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Resources for the Future
  • November 19, 2015, Lucas Davis, University of California, Berkeley, “The Effect of Saturday Driving Restrictions on Air Quality in Mexico City”