Triangle Resources and Environmental Economics Seminar Series (TREE)

CEnREP partners with RTI International and Duke University to present the TREE Seminar Series.  All seminars take place on Thursday from 3:15 – 4:45 pm in Building 09/Conference Room 137 at RTI International’s Campus, unless otherwise noted below.  As papers become available, they are posted in the calendar links and schedule below.

Fall 2018 Schedule:

  • September 6, Molly Lipscomb, University of Virginia, “Pricing People into the Market:Targeting through Mechanism Design”
  • October 11, Erin Mansur, Dartmouth College, “The Remarkable Decline in Air Pollution from the US Electricity Sector over 2010-2017”
  • November 1, Eric Edwards, NC State University, “Bureaucracy, Delay and Pollution: A Natural Experiment in Oil and Gas Production”, Location: Cox Multipurpose Room, RTI
  • November 15, Bentley Coffey, University of South Carolina
  • December 6, David Keiser, Iowa State University

Up Next

Nov 1
  • Thursday | 3:15 PM4:45 PM
    TREE Seminar: Eric Edwards (NC State University)
    Cox Multpurpose Room, RTI International 

    Eric Edwards, Assistant Professor, (NC State University) will present "Bureaucracy, Delay and Pollution: A Natural Experiment in Oil and Gas Production”.

Nov 15
Dec 6

Past Seminars

Spring 2018 Schedule:

Fall 2017 Schedule:

Spring 2017 Schedule


Fall 2016 Schedule

Spring 2016 Schedule

    • February 4, 2016, Sol Hsiang, University of California, Berkeley
    • February 29, 2016, David Popp, Syracuse University, “Environmental Regulation and Green Skills: An Empirical Exploration
    • March 31, 2016, Tatyana Deryugina, University of Illinois, “The Effect of Pollution on Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction”
    • April 7, 2016, Kailin Kroetz, Resources for the Future, “Dynamic Efficiency Costs of Non-efficiency Objectives in Tradable Permit Programs”
    • April 21, 2016, Mary Evans, Claremont-McKenna University, “Enforcement Spillovers: Lessons from Strategic Interactions in Regulation and Product Markets”

Fall 2015 Schedule

    • September 3, 2015, Joe Aldy, Harvard University, “Capital versus Output Subsidies: Implications of Alternative Incentives for Wind Investment”
    • September 24, 2015, Toan Phan, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Temperatures and Growth: A Panel Analysis of the U.S.”
    • October 8, 2015, Ted Miguel, University of California, Berkeley, “Experimental Evidence on the Costs of and Demand for Electricity in Kenya”
    • October 29, 2015, Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan “Understanding the Decline in the Price of Oil since June 2014”
    • November 5, 2015, Grant Miller, Stanford University
    • November 12, 2015, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Resources for the Future
    • November 19, 2015, Lucas Davis, University of California, Berkeley, “The Effect of Saturday Driving Restrictions on Air Quality in Mexico City”