Resources and Outreach

CEnREP is committing to sharing its research within the local, national and international community.


Climate Change

Climate change is already affecting North Carolina. Learn about how that affects NC agriculture, sea-level rise and coastal wastewater.

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Coastal Economies

Maintaining the health of the North Carolina coast is crucial to preserving the livelihoods of its residents. Research at NC State assess the economic importance of the region and the economic aspects of tackling challenges relating to fishing, water quality, and climate change.

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NC State University is a resource for state-of-the-art information about energy production, distribution, and use and includes programs and resources targeted to technical, public policy, economic and educational needs of citizens and businesses in our state, the nation and the world.

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Land Use Regulation

We explore the intersection where the legal rights of property ownership and use meet the rights of the public and other landowners- by government regulation or private action – to limit certain rights and uses.

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Water Resource Economics

North Carolina can improve nutrient management, protect ecosystems and conserve water through innovative market and pricing policies.

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Water Quality and Sanitation

CEnREP affiliates have been investigating the economics of water quality, water sanitation and demand for water. The research is applied and is instrumental in the design of sound policy.

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