Laura Villegas

Laura Villegas
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Economics


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Laura Villegas is a Colombian Ph.D. candidate of Agriculture and Resource Economics at NC State University. Laura’s top personal and academic interests are rural development, the strengthening of agricultural sectors, and the sustainable administration of natural resources. In particular she would like to focus her study on topics that explore the synergy between agriculture and the environment in the context or developing countries and in the face of climate change. (Climate change is expected to have significant impact on agricultural sectors—particularly those of the developing world.)

She has begun to explore the fields of environmental and development economics with the objective to narrow down the topic for her dissertation research. Once she finishes her university education, she is looking to work in an area that is important, motivating and challenging. An area where she can grow as an integral professional, gain exposure to cutting edge topics in social and environmental sciences, and contribute to policy creation with honest, relevant and science-based intellectual input. She believes that being part of a competitive and interdisciplinary group of scientists (as the amazing faculty at NCSU) will help her acquire some of the skills necessary to find and thrive in such an environment.